Meet the entrepreneurs who want you to succeed.

We are an international team with a mission to prepare you for a long, profitable, and meaningful life. We will be your foundation of support and will push you beyond your comfort zone and challenge you when you’re giving less than your best.

When Acton teachers step onto campus each day, they come from the real world. From the shop floor. From the salesroom. From long nights juggling customer needs and operational complexities and wrestling with the same questions, Acton students are asking themselves every day. 

Our teachers aren’t theory-driven academics. They’re successful entrepreneurs who’ve started small and, through trial and error and perseverance, have grown their companies into huge businesses.

Hugo Roberto Díaz R.

Director of Acton MBA Guatemala

Hugo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vital Interaction, a Patient Engagement company focused on optimizing the workflow for managing patient’s medical appointments. His curiosity for learning and discovering new places has led him to travel over 40 countries and inspired him to start 8 businesses that already served over 3 million customers in 9 countries. Hugo is Partner of Danta Group, a technology services group that owns and operates businesses in the healthcare and education industries. In 2010, became Director  of the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship in Guatemala City.

Ana Isabel Fanjul U.

Director of Operations

Ana Isabel studied Business Administration with a Minor in Marketing at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Then joined Kellogg’s  Company where she worked as Marketing Brand Manager for Central America and the Caribbean, for different brands in the cereal portfolio. In 2017, launched a Guatemalan chocolate brand. She is married and has 2 beautiful children. Joined the Acton team in May, 2020.

Pablo Alejandro Galindo A.

Director of Advancement & Professor

Pablo Galindo Asensio is a businessman and lifelong learner.

He has more than ten years of experience in creating and growing companies. Partner at Gea Capital (2021), an early stage VC Fund focussed on investing in technology-enabled business that can disrupt existing industries. Founder and General Manager of Advanced Management School (2018), an executive education company focussed on delivering tailor-made learning experiences that help companies outperform their competitors by making learning their core competence. Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gestla Ventures (2016), an innovation-management consulting firm focussed on helping large companies design and execute disruptive strategies to future-proof their core businesses.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the Francisco Marroquín University and obtained a behavioral sciences specialization from Harvard University. He has been a participant in multiple executive programs at Harvard Business School, where he is currently admitted to the OPM business program designed for owners and presidents. For the third consecutive year, Pablo has been coach of the Francisco Marroquín University Business School team, who has obtained a podium in the international family enterprise case competition (FECC) organized by the Grossman School of Business for two successive years. 

Juan Ignacio de la Rosa L.

Master Teacher

Juan Ignacio is an Electronics Engineer, MEE and MBA from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, he became excited in taking part of the Acton program in Guatemala after experiencing a personal transformation during the “MyEJ course from the Acton MBA”.

He is now a Master Teacher at Acton MBA. Trying to find a balance between personal life, working for somebody else and following a true calling in the entrepreneurial world has been no easy task. Becoming your own boss, learning to accept failure and recovering quickly are all great challenges. The Acton MyEJ program delivered him a set of tools to help move forward as an entrepreneur and as an individual. His ventures are mainly in the technology, real estate, advertising and electronic markets.

Alfonso B. Gadala-María V.


Alfonso’s experience includes more than 28 years at ExxonMobil. He led support centers in Guatemala, Bangkok and Budapest, where he created and implemented a culture based on values which delivered outstanding results, including motivated employees, satisfied customers, a continuous improvement mindset and improved profitability in the retail business in excess of USD $40MM.  

He held managerial positions in functions such as Sales, Operations and Finance and was a member of the Strategic Planning group at a global level. His achievements include leadership of high-performance teams, as well as the development of an organizational culture focused on continuous improvement, innovation, excellence, and motivation. Alfonso is skillful in international management, strategic vision, decision making and planning.

Alfonso also has several years of experience in a family business and in the management of a newly formed company (start-up).

Albert Stuart Loan

Master Teacher & Life of Meaning Professor

Albert did his undergraduate and graduate work in Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and also received a Masters of Education from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.Since 1995 he has been employing Socratic Practice and a host of discovery learning and collaborative methodologies in his teaching. His interest in both economics and pedagogy led him to the study of organizational culture and alternative forms of corporate governance, and in 2016 he established Polycentric Learning Group, which helps businesses, schools, and organizations cultivate their own learning culture.   

Albert is a Master Teacher at Acton MBA Guatemala and is originally from uptate New York.

Alex Poulias


Alex Poulias, grew up in Athens Greece and after graduating high school he studied Comparative Literature at Princeton University. He then worked as an investment banker at Salomon Brothers in London and then obtained an MBA at Harvard Business School. After graduating in 2001, he co-founded “BANG” a Guatemala-based Latin American department store, which he sold in 2010. In 2005 he co-founded Televida Group, an innovative telecommunication services company currently operating in 12 countries in Latin American and Africa.

In 2016 he co-founded Doctor Online, a pioneering telemedicine company. Mr. Poulias and his brother Ilias co-founded in 2007 the Poulias foundation and the Little Giants program. Alex is the Televida Group's CEO, a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), and an active early-stage investor. He also sits on the board of QUARKSE a revolutionary eSIM distribution company.

Jean Paul Dent H.


Jean Paul studied his Bachelor´s Degree in Architecture at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. Then, studied  his MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Acton MBA Program.  Later on, he became Student Advisor for Acton MBA before becoming a Faculty Member. 

In 2013, founded and assumed the CEO role of AGROAVI, one of the main companies in Guatemala that distributes and produces poultry and veterinary supplies and equipment.

Marcel Roehrs C.


Marcel is CEO & Co-Founder of Doctor Online; company that is facilitating access to healthcare through their innovative telemedicine platform that allows patients to talk to a Medical Doctor immediately from wherever they may be by just owning a cellphone. This allows healthcare to reach locations where there wasn’t any access to it before. Doctor Online has more than 2 million subscribers to its service and provides its services to patients in over 10 countries in Latin America and Europe.

Before co-founding Doctor Online, Marcel started several business in industries such as entertainment, marketing and events. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and also holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Acton School of Business, located in Austin, Texas.

Marcel has been an MBA teacher for more than five years in UFM - Acton MBA; and has been a Global Shaper for more than 7 years.

Simon Junker


Simon is the Co-founder of Networks Ventures and VP at Actimo America. Actimo is a SaaS company and one of the worlds leading digital platforms for internal communication and employee engagement. The company was just recently acquired by unicorn Kahoot!. 

Starting his career in music and television production he has held senior positions in Zodiak Media, Endemol and Sony Music in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. In 2011 he founded - among the first e-commerce companies in Guatemala.

Christian Smith Mini


Christian is a Civil Engineer with over 15 years of experience working in urban development. He was involved and pioneer in the development of 4 Grados Norte, from the first launch in 2002 to date. He has been actively participating in the generation of real estate projects that contribute to the quality of public space as well as the development of affordable housing in downtown areas of the city with multiple projects, he was also speaker at a TEDx Guatemala called “Creating Urban Communities” presenting how by creating vertical real estate development in Guatemala City, urban communities can be created that provide security, services and quality of life for all citizens. Christian has also been an active member and directive in multiple associations like Grupo Dada, Defensores de la Naturaleza, EO Guatemala, IGA, Gremial de Aguacate Agexport, Junta Agricola de Agexport, among others.


Lorena Arathoon


Lorena is co-founder of the company Tasu Chips & Healthy Living and a marketing strategist. Her vision has allowed her to expand in the market for healthy products. She has an MBA in Business Administration, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Northwestern University-Kellogs School of Management. She also has a BSBA in Marketing and Finance from Georgetown University-The McDonough School of Business; Lorena is also co-founder and CEO of Snackerie; was a Brand Manager, Marketing Intelligence Manager at LivSmart Americas, and Research Analyst at GfK MRI.

Diana Mercedes Canella N.


Diana studied Business Administration and a Minor in Entrepreneurship at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. Then, studied her MBA at  Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile. Diana currently serves as President of Canella, S.A.; she acts as Fiduciary and Member of the Board of Directors of Universidad Francisco Marroquín. She is also the Founder and President of Sistemas C&C S.A. in El Salvador and Honduras, TecnoBodega, Distribuidora BACO S.A., EuroDeli and Jardín & Terraza.

José Ignacio Asturias Wer

Student Advisor

Jose Ignacio has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA from Acton School of Business.  With over 10 years of experience, he has worked in sales management for Tigo and Hero MotorCorp Ltd. He is currently General Manager and Shareholder for ADECO S.A, a company that offers high quality imported materials with avant-garde designs and technology to renew environments.

Sindy Pamela Arriola R.

Administrative Assistant

Sindy is a passionate customer service-oriented team member. She acts as the first point of contact between the clients (students) and the management. Sindy joined our team in 2018 and her main focus has been on service excellence in support of the efforts of the Acton MBA program.

Claudia Alvarado C.

Head of Marketing

Passionate about improving connections through communication and, her high capacity for organization and planning is one of the different characteristics in which she stands out. Claudia has a degree in Graphic Design, specializing in communication, in addition to having a postgraduate degree in International Trade Management. 

Throughout her professional career, Claudia has consolidated work teams with high performance and overcoming challenges in different areas of management, organization, and communication. She’s currently working as COO of Advanced Management School - AMS, and Head of Marketing for Acton MBA Guatemala.


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