Our Team

No man is an island. A key success factor for building a strong business and finding fulfillment is nurturing a few close relationships with traveling companions who will encourage you, hold you accountable and ask tough questions.

When Acton teachers step onto campus each day, they come from the real world. From the shop floor. From the sales room. From long nights juggling customer needs and operational complexities and wrestling with the same questions Acton students are asking themselves every day. These aren’t theory-driven academics. They’re real, successful entrepreneurs who’ve started small and, through trial and error and perseverance, have grown their companies into huge businesses.

We are an international team with a mission to prepare you for a long, profitable, and meaningful life. We will be your foundation of support, and will push you beyond your comfort zone and challenge you when you’re giving less than your best.

Hugo Roberto Díaz R.


Hugo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vital Interaction, a Patient Engagement company focused on optimizing the workflow for managing patient’s medical appointments. His curiosity for learning and discovering new places has led him to travel over 40 countries and inspired him to start 8 businesses that already served over 3 million customers in 9 countries. Hugo is Partner of Danta Group, a technology services group that owns and operates businesses in the healthcare and education industries. In 2010, became Director  of the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship in Guatemala City.

Ana Isabel Fanjul U.

Director of Operations

Ana Isabel studied Business Administration  with a Minor in Marketing at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Then joined Kellogg´s  Company where she worked as Marketing Brand Manager for Central America and the Caribbean, for different brands in the cereal portfolio. In 2017, launched a Guatemalan chocolate brand. Married and has 2 beautiful children. Joined the Acton team in May 4, 2020.

Pablo Alejandro Galindo A.

Director of Advancement

Pablo´s experience revolves around innovation, entrepreneurship, search funds and high-growth software in the fields of machine learning and cognitive science. He started in 2011 with Lumosity; an online platform that helps people develop their cognitive abilities. Since 2015 he has been Founder and Managing Partner of Gestla Ventures, a Latin American Innovation Management Consulting Firm and a Search Fund Accelerator. He recently launched Oqeniq Business School.  Pablo graduated from Universidad Francisco Marroquín with a degree in Psychology. He later specialized in Behavioral Science at Harvard University, holds an Advanced Management Degree by Harvard Business School and is currently pursuing his Global Executive MBA at IESE Business School.

María Alejandra Alquijay A.

Management Consultant for Strategic Projects

María Alejandra is an Entrepreneurial Engineer and MBA in Entrepreneurship graduated from Universidad Francisco Marroquín. She has experience working in industries ranging from food to education. María Alejandra is a Food Safety Preventive Controls Qualified Individual from the FSPCA. She is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Food and Beverages Commission of the Guatemalan Exporters Association (AGEXPORT). From 2014 to 2020, was the Director of Operations of the Acton MBA Program and currently, supports our team as Management Consultant for Strategic Projects. She is a natural leader and lifelong learner who loves numbers, solve problems, improve internal processes and help people achieve their dreams.

Diana Mercedes Canella N.


Diana studied Business Administration and a Minor in Entrepreneurship at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. Then, studied her MBA at  Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile. Diana currently serves as President of Canella, S.A.; she acts as Fiduciary and Member of the Board of Directors of Universidad Francisco Marroquín. She is also the Founder and President of Sistemas C&C S.A. in El Salvador and Honduras, TecnoBodega, Distribuidora BACO S.A., EuroDeli and Jardín & Terraza.

Juan Ignacio de la Rosa L.


Juan Ignacio is an Electronics Engineer, MEE and MBA from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, he became excited in taking part of the Acton program in Guatemala after experiencing a personal transformation during the “MyEJ course from the Acton MBA”. Trying to find a balance between personal life, working for somebody else and following a true calling in the entrepreneurial world has been no easy task. Becoming your own boss, learning to accept failure and recovering quickly are all great challenges. The Acton MyEJ program delivered him a set of tools to help move forward as an entrepreneur and as an individual. His ventures are mainly in the technology, real estate, advertising and electronic markets.

Alfonso B. Gadala-María V.


Alfonso`s experience includes more than 28 years at ExxonMobil. He led support centers in Guatemala, Bangkok and Budapest, where he created and implemented a culture based on values which delivered outstanding results, including motivated employees, satisfied customers, a continuous improvement mindset and improved profitability in the retail business in excess of USD $40MM. Through his leadership, Alfonso ensured a smooth closing of the support center in Guatemala maintaining morale and standards, retaining 100% of key talent and a 10% overall employee turnover 7 months after the announcement.

Albert Stuart Loan

Life of Meaning Professor

Albert did his undergraduate and graduate work in Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and also received a Masters of Education from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.Since 1995 he has been employing Socratic Practice and a host of discovery learning and collaborative methodologies in his teaching. His interest in both economics and pedagogy led him to the study of organizational culture and alternative forms of corporate governance, and in 2016 he established Polycentric Learning Group, which helps businesses, schools, and organizations cultivate their own learning culture. Albert is originally from Up State New York.

Fernando Safie F.


Fernando graduated as Industrial Mechanical Engineer at Universidad Rafael Landívar. He has started a wide variety of businesses since his early years at school. While in college, he and his brother co-directed a candy distribution company which still operates in the local market. Fernando´s businesses range from a coffee-brokerage company, called RECASA, founded in 1983 and still operating; up to his current operation as franchiser for Burger King Guatemala. As franchisee for Burger King, he operates over 43 restaurants. Overall, he has been the founder and co-founder of over 10 companies where over 1,500 people work.

Marcel Roehrs C.


After graduating from the Acton School of Business, Marcel joined our team as Student Advisor. In 2013,  he founded Moviebox, a company looking to redefine the entertainment industry in Guatemala by renting original movies through automated kiosks. Then, he co-founded and became the Director of Operations of TapSnap, a photobooth that allows you to customize your pictures and share them instantly via Facebook and email. He currently serves as CEO of Doctor Online, a company that provides remote medical consultations via chat or video call through any device for the Insurance Industry.

Juan Carlos Coronado V.


Juan Carlos studied Business Administration and a Minor in Entrepreneurship at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. Then, became Entrepreneurial Master of the MIT Program. Juan Carlos is the Founder and General Director of Crest (Central America), President of Grupo C-Tec, Director of Grupo APSA and Member of Entrepreneurs Organization.

Jean Paul Dent H.


Jean Paul studied his Bachelor´s Degree in Architecture at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. Then, studied  his MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Acton MBA Program. In 2013, founded and assumed the CEO role of Agroavi.

Alexandros Poulias


Alex´s business ventures include a Central American retail chain founded in 2001 and sold in 2010 (Bazar International S.A.), a commercial real estate company (AI Realty), an investment fund in shipping (USH) and a multinational telecom services company with operations throughout Latin America and Africa (Televida Group). Alex currently acts as Chairman and CEO of Televida Group, a company that focuses on the continuous innovation and improvement of products and services available to mobile phone users. In addition to his business activities Alex founded with his brother Ilias, the "Fundación Poulias | La Sonrisa del Niño" in Guatemala. Alex is also an active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). He  is originally from Greece.

José Ignacio Asturias Wer

Student Advisor

Claudia Lorena Alvarado C.

Head of Marketing


Sindy Pamela Arriola R.

Administrative Assistant & Transcriptionist

Sindy is passionate customer service oriented team member who (along with Sandra) acts as the first point of contact between the clients (students) and the management. She also creates written copies of live speech during each class / case discussion. Sindy joined our team in 2018 and her main focus has been on service excellence in support of the efforts of the Acton MBA program.

The Acton MBA is an internationally acclaimed business school designed, led and taught by successful entrepreneurs, dedicated to inspiring and equipping the next generation of principled entrepreneurs.