Acton Pitch Competition 2022 Registration

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    What do you need to know about the Acton Pitch Competition?

    Acton Pitch Competition (APC) was created as part of The Giancarlo Ibarguen Segovia (GIS) Next Great Adventure (NGA) Fellowship funded by the ED Foundation with the sole purpose of offering the opportunity to entrepreneurs to finance a project that will make a difference in the world.

    The Acton Pitch Competition 2022 gives an opportunity for Acton Alumni and current Acton MBA Students to win up to USD$100,000.

    Expect to earn it.  As with everything in Acton, we will push your limits, but we expect nothing less from world-class entrepreneurs such as yourself.

    The program is divided into three parts:

    First, you need to complete a 6-week online quest in the Next Great Adventure App which will put you back in the Hero’s Journey and will help you clarify your next stepping stones for your project.

    Second, you will be in a week-long immersive Acton experience in Madrid where you will be part of case discussions, activities, rehearsals, and feedback sessions to polish your pitch.

    Finally, you will pitch your Next Great Adventure to a Panel of Acton judges in a competition to earn up to $100k to fund that stepping stone.

    We believe that each Acton scholar will change the world in a profound way.

    This first edition Acton Pitch Competition will only be open to our current students and Acton Alumni from any program around the world.

    The program's structure, requirements and prize are:

    • Application Fee:
      • Alumni: USD $599.00 (Airfare and Madrid expenses are not included).
    • Important Dates:
      • Monday, October 17,  NGA App 6-week program kickoff.
      • Thursday, October 6, last day of registration.
      • The final presentation will be in UFM Madrid Campus on December 9, 2022.
    • Technical requirements:
      • Any Acton Alumni can participate (from Austin, Guatemala, or Madrid Campus), the only requirement is to have attended and successfully completed at least one Acton MBA course.
      • Valid passport.
      • Commitment to complete all steps of the NGA App for 6 weeks.
      • Availability to travel to Madrid from December 2 to 10, 2022.
    • Benefits:
      • Access to complete the course and App.
      • Access to the grant and the chance to win up to USD $100,000
      • Networking with the Acton community and participants worldwide.
      • Socratic Dialogues Acton in Madrid for a full week (December 3-9, 2022).
      • Closing event.

    You read the full terms and conditions of the competition here.

    If you have any additional questions please contact us at actonmba@ufm.edu.