Entrepreneurial Journey

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Every entrepreneurial journey should begin with the end in mind

The Messiness of Real Life from the Start

The Entrepreneurial Journey course takes you through the entire life cycle of a business: from Opportunity Analysis to Gathering Resources to Launch, and then from Growth to Harvest. In each case you will stand in the shoes of a real entrepreneur facing difficult decisions that require you to draw on skills in sales, operations, finance, and accounting. You will learn to make real decisions under extreme pressure.

The Entrepreneurial Journey Course prepares you to answer these questions:

  • When are you ready to launch?
  • How will you gather the resources you need?
  • How will you juggle priorities as you strive to reach break-even before running out of cash?
  • How quickly should you grow?
  • When will it be time to harvest your hard-earned gains?
  • How do you negotiate the right price, with the right buyer, so the profits will be worth all of your efforts?


Open to anyone who is running a business or plans to start his or her own business.

Extended Application deadline November, 2016
Classes begin January , 2017
Classes end April, 2017
Investment US$3,000

Class Schedule

Tuesday 7:00am - 8:20am
Thursday 7:00am - 8:20am

Location: UFM Acton MBA, EN - 101, Business School Building, Universidad Francisco Marroquín

If you wish to apply now, please click on the Registration and Payment link , fill out the form, and pay the application fee.