Your experience in the classroom

From Acton MBA - UFM


The spotlight's on you.

“Classroom” sounds like a harmless enough word. Sparks images of chairs and desks and chalkboards.

But not at Acton. Here, the “classroom” is a beast you must learn to tame—or die trying to. Your peers will be some of the smartest, most steadfast, most fiercely determined people you’ll ever meet. Your entrepreneur-teachers will ask you questions no one’s ever dared ask you. And once you graduate, you’ll leave transformed.

You will learn by doing something you hate—failing. But you will win by not making the same mistakes in the real world.

Here’s what you can expect (everything else you can only barely imagine):

Individual Preparation

The case-method requires hours of individual preparation. You will analyze each case in depth and will be required to devote between five and eight hours of study per case.

Study Groups

Study Groups are a dress rehearsal for class. You arrive at Study Group each morning fully prepared to stand in the shoes of an entrepreneur and make decisions. Someone is chosen to open the case and for over an hour you describe and defend your decisions with your Study Group members.


Class begins with a "cold call," a challenging question the professor poses to one student to open the case. The class then jumps into a exhilarating eighty minutes of analysis, argument and fervent persuasion. Since 50 percent of each student's grade depends on class participation, everyone is inspired to contribute.