The Acton difference

From Acton MBA - UFM

Built and tested by successful entrepreneurs.

Boring routines. Tight cubicles. Aimless meetings. It’s enough to make your skin crawl.

You’d rather die than put up with that nonsense each day. So would we. That’s why Acton’s different—different starting with its very DNA.

Acton’s designed so that you can start mastering your own destiny from the minute you walk into the door. Here’s how:

You’ll learn from entrepreneurs with battle scars.

Your teachers and mentors are successful entrepreneurs who are gifted in the classroom and proven in the boardroom. And they’re invested in your success because they’ve felt the same burning restlessness that you do.

You’ll take on an entrepreneur’s perspective.

Each day in class, you and your classmates will take on the challenges of a real entrepreneur as you defend, debate, and solve hundreds of real-world case dilemmas and challenges. Our powerful curriculum delivers the tools, skills, and judgment you need to run a real business. Over time, you’ll begin to recognize the patterns, pick up the habits, and know which questions to ask in order to build and grow wildly successful businesses from scratch.

You’ll be treated not just a student, but as a valued customer.

Our teachers sign a contract agreeing that they’ll step down if they don’t meet your needs. And at the end of each semester, we measure their success. You evaluate each teacher and class, suggest improvements, and give feedback.