From Acton MBA - UFM

The Acton curriculum and teaching methodology at UFM-Guatemala is exactly the same as that administered at the Acton School of Business in Austin.

Oliver Leonowens

The first Guatemalan to sign up for the full-time UFM Acton MBA and a participant in this year’s Boot Camp in Austin, agrees, and wrote to us about the Acton curriculum at UFM:

…As an entrepreneur in Guatemala, people are not so open, or we don’t have an open culture of talking to other people too much about our businesses, so I always felt alone with my ideas or troubles. At Acton I am surrounded by coaches, from all industries, that I can talk to and get to learn from them. Having time to discuss is so great, being Socratic is great…

…The system behind it is great: As long as the facilitator maintains the class energy up, and the strict rules are upheld, it works marvelously, very much by itself…

…The reading and the cases are great—having the opportunity to discuss it with the study group, and then in class is far greater…One great tool is the teacher ratings. This to me is very powerful, because as a student I can voice my concerns, and teachers are really in touch with reality, rather than becoming divas…

...As a young entrepreneur, I hardly was interested in university education, so I dedicated my self to work on my business. After 10 years I was stuck, because I was nowhere near reaching my ambitious goals. Acton has been an Oasis of very practical hands-on information for understanding what I was doing wrong, and correcting that course in my life, with all the lessons learned in class discussion, and the readings…

...Acton should be spread all over the world like fire flies, because to my point of view it has the exact tools entrepreneurs need to be very successful, and this will spread wealth and capitalism, which countries like mine hunger for…

Marcel Roehrs

A recent graduate at Acton MBA in Austin, took the very first EJ class offered at UFM. Roehrs hadn’t been planning on getting an MBA at all, but he says when he took the UFM Acton course, “It blew my mind. It was amazing.” Then when he went to his cousin’s wedding in San Antonio he decided to stop in Austin to see Acton for himself. With only one month left to apply he took the plunge. “EJ [at UFM] changed my life and that’s why I’m here,” he says. “I realized I knew so little about business.” He was attracted to the challenge and says, “Acton was exactly what I needed to become an entrepreneur.”

Roehrs thinks that the curriculum works so well in such different contexts because there is a method, the Socratic approach and case process (“the conversations in the room are so interactive”), and because the curriculum is guided by entrepreneur-teachers that really know what they’re doing.

Gabriel Salguero

Current UFM Acton student Gabriel Salguero adds that the curriculum works in different contexts because

…The curriculum covers aspects all entrepreneurs face no matter where: detecting customers’ needs, creating rapport with customers, dealing with people, detecting an opportunity and valuing it, raising funds, the art of pricing, etc….Students get to enrich their knowledge by the diversity of their classmates, who have different skills in their local environment…[And the curriculum is] Given by professors who have failed and ultimately succeeded in local markets.