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The Goal of the Raising Money CourseThe Raising Money course provides the tools, skills and judgment you need to supply your business with the right amount of external funding, on the right terms, with a deal structure that adds value.

By the end of the Raising Money course, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate an opportunity and clearly explain to a financier the reason you need money, how much you will need and how likely it is that any or all of the investment will be lost.
  • Decide if you should raise funds in the form of debt, equity or a hybrid form.
  • Establish who you should approach to raise the right amount of money, in the right form at the lowest total cost;
  • Craft a robust deal that adds value; and
  • Make a compelling presentation to potential investors.

The Most Important Questions When Raising MoneyThe mostimportant question when raising money is: “Have I found an attractive opportunity, preferably one with high profit margins, low sunk costs, generous suppliers and customers who agree to pay in advance?” Without an attractive opportunity, and the skills to attract the "right" customers, make and deliver what they need and defend against competitors, it doesn’t matter how much money you raise, because eventually you will fail.

This means that money-raising skills are a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. That’s why at Acton we do not teach you how to raise money until after you know the basics of sales, operations and “counting” and have completed the Entrepreneurial Journey course.

In this course you will learn to ask thesame “money raising questions” that a master entrepreneur would ask, including:

  • 1) What activities and assets do I need to finance?
  • 2) Should yougrow slowly from internally generated funds or seek outside funding to grow more quickly?
  • 3) When willyouneed external financing and how quickly can yourepay it? What will happen if yourmoney raising efforts fail?
  • 4) Should youpay investors for theuse of their money with interest(“renting” money)or equity(“buying” money)?
  • 5) Would I rather raise more money at a higher price4or take less money at a lower price?
  • 6) What will it cost to raise the money, including the cost of taking yourfocus off of yourcustomers and employees?
  • 7) How do youcraft a deal that adds value?
  • 8) How canyoucreate a compelling “pitch” that will attractinvestors?

Raising Money

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Beginning January 7, 2019

Ending January 30, 2019

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Location: EN-101, UFM Acton MBA, School of Business Building, Universidad Francisco Marroquín.