Our promise

From Acton MBA - UFM

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Our mission is to supercharge yours.

Acton’s mission is to prepare talented and dedicated students for extraordinary lives as principled entrepreneurs. Here’s what that mission means for you. At Acton you’ll:

Learn How to Learn

Our simulation and case-based curriculum will teach you to listen, think and clearly communicate. Unlike narrow technical skills that can rapidly become obsolete, "learning how to learn" will last for the rest of your life.

Learn How to Make Money

Our MBA in Entrepreneurship curriculum arms you with the latest tools, skills and theories necessary for building a thriving business. In class after class, you will be forced to make difficult decisions until you have the judgment and insights of a master entrepreneur.

Live a Life of Meaning

Companies cannot survive unless they make money, but life is much more than maximizing cash flow. Throughout the curriculum--and especially in the Life of Meaning course--you will learn how to balance the demands of family, business and community.

Our goal is to change the way you look at the world. We push you, challenge you, work you and support you until your view of yourself, business and the world is transformed.

What philosophy informs that mission?

We believe that clear thinking leads to good decisions, that good decisions lead to the right habits, that the right habits lead to character, and that character becomes destiny.

Which beliefs inform that philosophy?

  • We believe that each of you can change the world in a profound way.
  • We believe in building profitable businesses, but know that living a meaningful life is much more important.
  • We believe in learning by doing. Our entrepreneur-teachers use the case method to help you develop the habits, judgment, and character of a master entrepreneur.
  • We believe that clear contracts and a competitive grading system encourage the perspective, discipline, and accountability required to run a successful business.
  • We believe in economic, political, and religious liberty. We are dedicated to graduating entrepreneurs who have a strong sense of individual responsibility and a willingness to invest in a healthy civil society.