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Acton’s Gathering Resources and Launch (“Launch”) course covers the relatively short but critical time period between when an entrepreneur launches a business and when the business reaches cash flow breakeven

The overarching question for the course is: How do you gather the resources you need to: (1) get started; (2) reach cash flow breakeven as quickly as possible; and (3) either set the stage for profitable growth, or, if you fail (or fall into a “self-employment trap”), to regroup as quickly as possible?

Launch is intense

Thinking and analysis are important, but there is little time for contemplation. You must make tradeoffs on the fly between executing (selling, making, delivering, and counting) and building relationships.

Launch is a time of action; juggling priorities; choosing in execution whether to serve a customer, nurture an employee, or court an investor; balancing between short-term necessities, medium-term experiments, and long-term goals. All if this is done while trading off reaching breakeven and payout quickly, with investing to build a stronger and larger company in the long run.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday

Beginning July 30, 2019

Ending August 27, 2019

Class Schedule

Study Group 6:30am - 7:00am
Class 7:00am - 8:20am

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Location: Business School Building, Universidad Francisco Marroquín