Find your calling

From Acton MBA - UFM

A Calling, Not Just a Career

Many students at top business schools pursue an MBA because they have no idea what type of career they want. Sadly, after two years of rigorous study, many of these students send out dozens of resumes and then accept either the job with the most impressive recruiting presentation or the highest salary. Four or five years later, many are just as disappointed as they were when they first applied for their MBA. They lack direction, a calling.

At Acton, we believe in the idea of a vocation, or calling. We think everyone has a special purpose in life, a desire to pursue great things and be a "good" person. Through the Life of Meaning course and personal career counseling, we help students discover their special talents and deep needs that will lead them to their callings.

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Our mission doesn't end when you get your MBA degree.

Blindly sending our hundreds of resumes to more or less randomly chosen companies is common for MBAs. Of course, this wastes the time of everyone involved, companies and applicants alike.

In our Life of Meaning course, you will identify a specific job at a specific company-a job that represents the next step on the road to reaching the lifelong goals you developed in the program. Our faculty is dedicated to seeing Acton scholars pursue their callings and experience long, healthy, purposeful lives.