Cash and Valuation

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Are you making investment, operational, and financial decisions that maximize the value of the firm and your equity?

The Cash and Valuation course mimics how entrepreneurs learn financial skills and judgment in the real world.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

Decide whether to risk making a sunk investment (like building a factory) or a fixed-period cost commitment (like hiring an employee) in order to be able to produce and sell more products and services. Forecast how investments and operating decisions will affect the Free Cash Flows to your Firm and the Intrinsic Firm Value (the value you place on its free cash flows.) Use Financial Statement Analysis to compare your firm’s business model with other companies’. Choose the right amount of debt (if any) to minimize your cost of capital and maximize the Intrinsic Equity Value of the cash flows to you as the owner, without risking bankruptcy if your revenue forecasts turn out to be optimistic. Compare the Intrinsic Equity Value to the Market Price that a motivated buyer might pay, so you know when it is time to sell all or part of your equity. Accurately report your firm’s financial results to third parties.


Open to anyone who is running a business or plans to start his or her own business.



Beginning January 14, 2019

Ending February 1, 2019

Classes Every Tuesday and Thursday

Beginning February 5, 2019

Ending April 9, 2019

Investment US$3,000

If you wish to apply now to the Cash & Valuation course, please click on the bellow link, fill out the form and pay the application fee.

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Location: EN-101, UFM Acton MBA, School of Business Building, Universidad Francisco Marroquín.