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If you wish to apply now, please click on the Registration and Payment link , fill out the form, and pay the application fee.

Ready to take ownership of your life?

You’ve met plenty of people in your life who make excuses. People who feel like a string of letters behind their names entitle them to something. People who couldn’t recognize a no-brainer opportunity or a clear path to the top if it punched them square in the jaw.

You’re not one of them. And that’s why you’re here, now.

If you’ve done your due diligence and have explored Acton’s program, you know it’s packed with the entrepreneurial challenges you need to transform the way you think and act., you know that by coming here you’re proving yourself to an elite group of individuals that change the world. And if you’ve seen how Acton’s different, you know that this is where the restless come to build their futures.

You’ve got the courage to build a life on your own terms. You’re fed up with boundaries. You know that if you wait any longer to start mastering your own destiny, you’ll regret it. So don’t wait.

What now?

  • Apply. Fill out the online application—but only if you’re gut tells you you’d be crazy not to. (After you visit a class, it will.)

Who should apply?

We want extraordinary applicants who have the intelligence, integrity and drive to change the world.


Our ideal applicant has proven analytical, writing, and communication skills that set him or her apart from peers. Our ideal applicant is acutely aware of how much he or she still has to learn and continually searches for new skills and better tools.


Integrity means wholeness. It means being honest with yourself and others. For our ideal applicant, integrity also means being true to your talents and desires, finding a way to contribute now so that you leave a lasting legacy.


Perseverance and a strong work ethic may contribute more to your overall success than any other factor. We want tenacious applicants who refuse to give up, even when faced with overwhelming challenges.


Tuition is $30,000.00 for the entire MBA program or $3,000.00 for each open enrollment course.

While an Acton education is a tremendous value, some students may need some sort of financial assistance.

Financial Aid

Students can choose to secure student loans through private lending institutions. UFM will lead you to some of the institutions we have worked with in the past, for both the entire MBA and the open-enrollment courses.

How to apply

You are required to submit your online application whether you are applying to the entire MBA program or if you only want to apply to one course and take it as an open-enrollment course.

To apply to both the MBA and the open enrollment courses, you must submit the following documents (you should upload all your materials as Word or PDF documents):

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • There is a nonrefundable application fee of $50.

Once your application has been submitted and reviewed, you will have to pass a basic quantitative skills tests and we will have an interview with you.

Application deadline

UFM Acton MBA has three admission cycles a year. We take applications for each academic cycles, for both the entire MBA and the open enrollment courses. Check the site regularly to learn which courses are taught during each cuatrimester.

*Subject to space availability. Be sure to apply early as we make admissions decisions on a rolling basis.

Registration and Payment

Thank you for your interest in UFM Acton MBA. We look forward to your application. If you are ready, you may begin your online application for either the full MBA or the open-enrollment courses.

Our open enrollment courses are open to anyone who is running a business or plans to start his or her own business. The level and quality of the instruction that these courses offer makes it well worth the investment. If you are serious about succeeding as an entrepreneur, this is an investment that will certainly pay off.

You can pay your application fee online. (The $50.00 application fee will be charged in quetzales at the current exchange rate.)

If you wish to apply now, please click on the Registration and Payment link , fill out the form, and pay the application fee.