Acton's approach

From Acton MBA - UFM


Learn how to harness your restlessness.

If you’d rather stomp on broken glass than sit through one more sleepy, mindless lecture, welcome.

You won’t find any of that here.

At Acton, you’ll face challenges that require courage, grit, and a never-give-up attitude—that is, the kind of challenges you long for (but can’t seem to find enough of).

You’ll be put to the test every single day (and each sleepless night). Once you leave, you’ll have faced the brutal questions real entrepreneurs face about their lives and businesses. But you’ll have faced them before real money and real people are on the line.

And in the end, if you’ve put in the hard work, you’ll know how to build successful businesses just as well as your entrepreneur-teachers do. You’ll know how to grow a small idea into an immortal legacy. And you’ll have joined an exclusive class of individuals—the kind who’ve mastered the habits that lead to success, the kind who can peer, with X-ray vision, deep into the invisible patterns and models that make strong companies work

Check out the curriculum for yourself, and when you’re done, attend an information session and request a class visit.

We Take

  • Bright, talented, driven students
  • Dedicated teachers who are skilled at the art of teaching, proven in the boardroom and care deeply about you
  • 300 real world cases, which students debate and analyze during the course of one year
  • Real world simulations including building an assembly line and selling door-to-door

You Leave Learning

  • Learned to listen, question, analyze, and persuade like a master entrepreneur
  • Acquired the tools and judgment you need to run a real business
  • Found your calling in life
  • Ready to run a successful business, raise a loving family, and prepare to give back to your community

Before we teach you marketing theory...

We teach you how to sell and manage a sales force.

Before we teach you operational theory...

We teach you how to build and operate a real assembly line.

Before we teach you human resources management...

We teach you how to hire and motivate the right people.

Before we teach you theory...

We teach you how to raise money.

And most importantly,

as we teach you how to build a fortune...
We also teach you how to build a legacy.